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Ngaiire – Blastoma

A quick bit of soul refreshment.

Blastoma is a group of short songs that use a combination of voices, a multitude of rhythms, and together they form a living train destined for warmer feelings.

If listeners can’t manage to sing along the first time they will at least be humming and swaying their shoulders to the insistent underlying rhythm.

Hitting listeners with her soulful singing, her music swells with funky beats building intrigue with dischord and alternative percussive sounds.

Harmonious and filled with a thousand voices, joyful and lamenting all at once, surprising and understanding and filled with the total spectrum of human emotion. Ngaiire’s new album appeals to all with open ears, who enjoy some vibrant rhythms. A few minutes with Ngaiire will clean out all those worries creating cobwebs in your chest. (SP)


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