Best of Sydney 2016


Jordan Shanks’ online persona friendlyjordies has swept the internet with viral youtube videos, commenting on everything from lock-out laws, Masterchef to climate change. In his rare moments of down time, we asked Jordan where he goes to unwind. 


Being part of the minority of young Sydney that doesn’t actually take personal issue with the lockout laws (as I rarely leave the house), my favourite venue to lock on at would be the little Vietnamese restaurant across the road from FBi Radio. If you’re looking for a scummy venue with clean food, great service, cheap prices and the promise that even if you patronise the restaurant weekly for nearly two years they still won’t remember your name, look no further than Yen’s Vietnamese. After a long monday morning of completing the least consequential part of my career (appearing on radio), I love nothing more than using this Vietnamese melting pot of hope as a litmus test for journalists and future friends alike. Forget your late night weekend plans and spend your hard erred cash at Yen’s Vietnamese like a respectable member of society.
29 Botany Rd. 8399 0598.