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Calamity Jane

Richard Carrol

Australia’s most unique musical theatre experience, Neglected Musicals, presents Calamity Jane.

Adapted from the stage play after the 1953 Warner Bros film, Calamity Jane stars Virginia Gay in the titular role as ‘Calam’, a gun-toting, disaster-prone woman who promises to assist a local saloon proprietor by getting a music-hall star from Chicago.

Calamity Jane is the first Neglected Musicals production to run an entire week of shows – particularly special since the production company is not-for-profit and all participants are volunteers. Further, Neglected Musicals presents musical theatre that has rarely or never been seen in Australia – with only a read through and a day’s rehearsal, the final show is presented with scripts in hand and piano accompaniment.

“It’s hilarious because by the end of the week the performers will have had much more experience doing the show than rehearsing it,” said Richard Carroll, the director of Calamity Jane. “I think it’s going to be great for them, I think it’s going to be really fun to see how the show changes up every night. I think the performers will have a lot of fun and it’ll feel really different every performance.”

“The audiences that come to Neglected Musicals are really loyal and very enthusiastic and they know exactly what they’re going to see,” added Carroll. “But I think it’s [Calamity Jane] a great opportunity for Neglected Musicals to reach new audiences and hopefully they’ll keep coming back for more!” (ES)

Aug 3–7, varied performance times. Hayes Theatre Co, Potts Point. $45. Tickets & info: or 02 8065 7337.


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