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The Wait

The Wait is a stunning and powerful story about grief, love and loss.

Light and dark, silhouettes, sunshine and shadows successively cross the screen in a dazzling cinematographic display. These visual themes dominate a movie which communicates more with imagery than with voice.

Anna’s son has died in mysterious circumstances. Suddenly, his unknowing girlfriend, Jeanne, arrives at the family home and together the women wait for his return. They develop a relationship which delves into the meaning of family, ageing and denial. Yet a ghost and a question haunts their encounter. When and how will Anna reveal the truth?

The film is almost painterly in execution. Each scene is set with nuances of colour which enhance the atmosphere of secrecy and pain. The actors blend with the scenery with performances of subtlety, where a glance tells more than the spoken word. A French-Italian co-production, this is a fascinating and intelligently told narrative with universal appeal.