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Review: A History of Falling Things

Eric Beecroft and Sophie Hensser Photo: Phil Erbacher

The Ensemble’s latest production, A History of Falling Things by James Graham, is a humorous exploration of obsessions, in particular keraunothetophobia, or a fear of falling things, which the two main characters share.

Robin (Eric Beecroft) and Jacqui (Sophie Hensser) are both confined to their rooms, and Robin even hides under his table.

He lives with Lesley, his very ordinary suburban widowed mother (Merridy Eastman), who would be at home in Coronation Street and, not far away, Jacqui lives with her concerned father Reece (Brian Meegan).

The two make contact over the internet and their relationship develops into romance as they discover they share the same phobia. The dialogue is amusing and poignant as the two young people reach out to each other in their attempt to overcome their illness.

They use a motorcycle courier, Jimmy (Sam O’Sullivan), to convey letters between the two, and he begins to enjoy what he sees as a game.

Finally, Jimmy delivers the most surprising package of all in an unexpected and delightful twist of the plot, and of course all ends well.

The audio-visual projections at the beginning were quite beautiful, while the set, always a challenge at the Ensemble, adequately represents the living spaces of the two main characters.

Director Nicole Buffoni does a fine job of eliciting the humour of the script, while all the actors in this five-hander play their roles to perfection.

And by the way, if you want to know all about the things that fall from the sky, this is the production to see. (ID)

Until Aug 20, various show times. Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall St, Kirribilli. $66-$73. Tickets & info: or (02) 9929 0644 

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