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Photo: Lee Nutter

Independent theatre company Two Peas talks grief and the chaos of early adulthood in the new Australian play, Drift, at the Australian Theatre for Young People.

Co-written by Tara Clark and Kieran Foster, the play deals with a period in life often characterised by self questioning and uncertainty.

“We always talk about the teen years as being the most tumultuous and the most formative, but I actually think it’s a little later – the early 20s – where we really start to figure out where we fit into it all,” Clark said.

“We’re no longer defined by our families and institutions and are forced to cement our own place in the world. We tend to talk about adulthood as though it happens overnight.”

The production, made up of a cast and crew all aged 26 years and under, stays in tune with ATYP’s mantra of showcasing the talents of young artists.

Foster describes Drift as “a homage to young adulthood in all its guts as well as its glory”.

Perhaps it’s the sense of struggle through loss and the turmoil of not knowing how to mourn that inspires a feeling of camaraderie we all might be able to relate to.

“Grief is a really tricky subject for any artist to take on, especially theatre makers,” said Clark.

Kieran and I were very careful to find as much joy in the piece as possible and, since day one, the actors have been working to find lightness in their approach to the text.”

“That’s what we do in life really. We live joyfully most of the time and it’s that bittersweet contrast that amplifies grief – knowing what was or what could have been if it weren’t for the tragic circumstances.” (SH)

Jul 22–30 (7pm Wed-Sat, 5pm Sun). Studio 1, The Wharf, Pier 4/5, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay. From $20-$30. Tickets & info:



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