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Appointment with Death

Agatha Christie’s classic novel has been transformed into a completely different script in Appointment with Death. The book included famous fictional detective Hercule Poirot, but he is absent from the play. The theatrical version focuses on the Boynton family. The sadistic matriarch of this clan rules it with an iron fist, which oppresses her relations until a shocking tragedy turns everything upside down.

The Genesian Theatre, nestled in the heart of the city, is a good venue for this traditional fare. Its velvet curtains, cosy atmosphere and warm amphitheatre provide an intimate setting for a live experience. Any performance there is sure to offer good value, but this crime-mystery is perhaps more suited than a more abstract genre.

The producers and directors of the company are well known for their care for detail, and their presentations are intricately woven with rich costumes and scenery. For this show, set designer Owen Gimblett and costumier Susan Carveth have the challenge of producing an enigmatic and secretive ethos.

In addition, the actors will have to utilise their talent and ability to woo an audience into a world which is distant from the modern bustle of Sydney.

Appointment with Death has romance, complications, secrets and evil doings. Can love free the Boynton family from the grip of an evil tyrant? Or is murder the only escape? Set in the ancient middle eastern city of Petra, this drama will surprise, delight and titillate the audience with its unexpected twists and turns. (LR)

Jul 9–Aug 20. Genesian Theatre, 420 Kent Street, Sydney. $25-$30. Tickets & info:

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