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Review: Straight

Lewis and Morgan are an in their early 30s. They live in a one room apartment and seem to be quite content with life. That is until Waldorf, Lewis’ best friend from university, who he has not seen for six years, arrives unannounced. Within the space of a day, Waldorf and Steph (a girl Waldorf just met at a local store) have Lewis questioning everything: has he wasted his life? Has he been/is he truly living? Convinced that he needs to prove himself to Waldorf (or is that to himself?) Lewis rashly agrees to meet Waldorf’s challenge.

Despite a moment of seriousness between Lewis and Morgan, Straight is a comedic look into the pitfalls of male ego. Simon London (Lewis) and Sean Hawkins (Waldorf) convincingly convey the awkwardness that one could expect to confront their characters as they prepare for the dare. Madeleine Jones (Morgan) and Danielle Cormack (Steph) complement London and Hawkins in their respective supporting roles.

The story line does not wane. While some of the actions and reactions of the characters are predictable, this is not a shortcoming for the show, rather it tends to play into the reality of the situation. Each scene is comprised of moments that are bound to keep people smiling, laughing and cringing. Straight is an approximately 100 minutes well spent. (RP)


Until Jul 2, various show times. Kings Cross Theatre, Kings Cross Hotel, 244-248 William Street, Kings Cross. $25-$36. Tickets & info: 



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