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Mikelangelo & The Black Sea Gentlemen – After the Flood

Finger clicking, accordion heavy fun.

After the Flood is a group of stories led by a saucy voice and enhanced by the talkative, understanding tone of the music. Dramatic and magical, we are weaved into it, chasing and being chased by the in-and-out of the accordions bellows. Now fast, now slow, the listener can barely keep up but if they can, there is marvel and there is wonder in these stories.

Call and response dynamics encourage participation and emotional involvement. The listener can’t help dancing to the upper tempo tunes, equally they can’t help swaying to the sadder melodies.

Folksy and flamboyant, fantastically controlled and in rhythm, making its own way, the listener will want to follow. A beautifully mystical hour in this music is also a cathartic one. Have a listen, they will not lead you astray. (SP)