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Me Before You

Me Before You is a romantic drama that paves a light-heartedness throughout a confronting, profound context. Luisa (Emilia Clarke) is breathtakingly charming as caretaker for a recently paralysed Will (Sam Claflin). While the story has its predictabilities, it also has surprises within them. Notable nuances by Clarke and Claflin shift this film from tolerable to pleasurable.

The standout performance would go to Clarke, with her vulnerability palpable, due almost exclusively to her extensive, engaging facial expressions and mannerisms.

While some are calling this film controversial in regards to the underlaying topic of euthanasia, I simply see it is as an account, a version of a story, of a characters mindset, and their decision regarding their own life.

In a society so quick to take offence, while being so offensive – I conclude that it depends on your intent as a moviegoer.

If you’re open to characters making their own decisions in a film, I’m sure you’ll find that Me Before You, puts you first. (RM)