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Luca Brasi & The Smith Street Band

Luca Brasi Photo: Ian Laidlaw

Tasmania may not be all that far away in terms of physical distance, but for a rising band “that little bit of water” can be quite the imposing obstacle.

As Tyler Richardson from Luca Brasi explained, “it was definitely hard at first [to make a break in mainland Australia], because it’s not cheap when you’re just starting out and it was a lot harder for us because before we go anywhere we’ve got to go that extra distance first.” Although this mindset may sound slightly negative, Richardson was quick to point out that this isolation also came with benefits for their song writing.

“A lot of the themes lyrically come back to being away from home, and anywhere we go outside Tasmania is quite a long way away, so it’s definitely shaped who we are and the way we feel about certain things,” Richardson said.

Having lived and learned from these experiences, Luca Brasi were determined as a group to give something back to the Tasmanian punk music community who had helped them early on by creating their own mini festival. “Not a lot of stuff was happening so we thought if we don’t do anything about it it’s not going to change,” explained Richardson. “There are some rad bands down here [TAS] and I was stoked with it and I’m sure we’ll do it again.”

Luca Brasi are now about to take to roads and stages around the country with friends and label mates The Smith Street Band. While Luca Brasi will be joyously showing off their new album If This Is All We’re Going Te Be, The Smith Street Band will be giving their album Throw Me In The River a farewell tour of sorts. After touring their album both around the country and the globe the boys from Melbourne want to give their album one last hoorah around the country before they head back into the studio to work on the follow up.

Both bands are extremely excited for the shows, which Richardson described as “just a lot of fun, hot, sweaty, boozy action.” (JA)

Jun 3. Metro Theatre, 624 George St, Sydney. $33.90+b.f. Tickets & info:

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