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Everybody Wants Some!!

Everybody Wants Some!! is an American college based romp. The movie opens with freshman baseball player Jake, driving to his new frat house to the strains of ‘My Sharona’ and steadily descends into a self-indulgent, supposedly funny look at male bonding and team building.

With a cast that looks like they are several years too old for their adventures, the protagonists experience every trope of the genre. They indulge in partying; at their own home, with punks, in the country and western scene and at a disco. Their sole aim, of course, ‘to get some’.

Setting the action in the 1980’s means that the characters can expound a sexist rhetoric and excuse it as being reflective of the era.

If you are young, aren’t getting any, really want some, and you’re male, you will probably enjoy this cliché-riddled ride through moustaches, tight jeans, big breasts, mud wrestling, drinking and drugs. If you’re not, don’t waste your money. (LR)