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“Idea: towel with two different colours so when you’re drying yourself, your ass and face don’t collide.”

Meet comedian Becky Lucas, she tweets good ideas and will be giving a one night encore performance of her show Baby at the Comedy Store, following sold out shows at The Sydney Comedy Festival earlier this year.

“I talk about what I’ve been up to in the past year and the little thoughts I’ve had. The show’s about a breakup, I sort of have a pregnancy scare – it’s mostly made up of bits,” Lucas explained.

“I think I’m pretty honest in my stand up, I try not to make it too much like an act, it’s just how I’m feeling at the time.”

Blazing through the comedy scene, Lucas has written for Josh Thomas’ hit show Please like Me, has a weekly segment called ‘What’s Cool’ on Triple J’s Drive with Veronica & Lucas, and made a debut at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival last year.

“I get a lot of messages from people, strangers and stuff, saying ‘oh your comedy’s really weird’. It’s not really an insult, they’re compelled to write that to me…privately.”

Lucas was a RAW comedy grand finalist and has opened for Wil Anderson and Joel Creasy. Baby is her second solo show.

“The first time you do a show you don’t know what to expect, whereas the second time you do – you’re just a bit more confident and things don’t throw you as much. It’s a funny thing because you’re developing in front of people. With comedy you’ve got to fail, you have to try and fail in front of groups of people for years.”

“It’s a cool thing to sit in a room full of strangers and for you all to agree, or identify with a stupid thought,” she added.

As for advice on mastering the art of Twitter?

“You can’t think about it too much. You’ve just got to write from the heart – I’m half joking and half serious. Usually your first draft is your best one.” (SH)

July 1, 7pm. The Comedy Store, 207/122 Lang Rd, Moore Park. $20-$27. Tickets & info: