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Weaving Stories Together: the Sydney International Storytelling Conference

Storyteller Christine Carlton

Storytelling is a powerful medium, let’s face it. Everything you’ve been taught from the ground up has been through it. The Sydney International Storytelling Conference brings together creative, expressive people, with a common passion for sharing stories.

Themed “through the rhythm of story” this year’s event takes a look at how influential storytelling can be in all facets of everyday life.

“The fact that we might say ‘you’re not going to believe what happened down the street the other day’, that’s the beginning of a story. We live in a world of stories, there are stories that you craft and use in different situations,” explained conference co-convenor and Storytellers NSW president Christine Carlton.

Imagination and fantasy has played a huge part in Carlton’s life and part of the reason for the biennial event, something that she credits to the world’s best storyteller, her mum.

“She used to tell five of us stories every night before we went to bed, I used to marvel at her imagination because it was a never ending story. I realised when I got older, she wasn’t remembering the stories, she was actually making them up and it was capturing our attention, our need for fantasy and adventure,” said Carlton.

This time around Carlton and co are thrilled to introduce International storyteller, David Novak. He has a style and substance that can get the most out of all ages.

“He’s very creative and he has a breadth of tales, so he brings a lot of folk tales and classic myths as well as original personal stories to life. He has a simple way of enthralling,” Carlton enthused. (AH)

May 27–29. St Joseph’s Conference Centre, 64 MacKillop Drive, Baulkham Hills. Tickets & info: 



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