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Sahara Beck

One of the most exciting elements of heading out to a concert is the added dimension an artist can bring to their music through their live performance and stage presence which you simply can not experience by sitting at home listening to a record. For fresh talent Sahara Beck, this has been a part of her show that she has been contemplating from her early childhood.

“My parents always took me out to the theatre and different shows when I was growing up, so that’s the standard I’ve set for myself now,” explained Sahara. “It’s great to simply sing your songs, but then to really perform them it makes such a difference. I feel like that performance side of it is how you grab people, if they’re not connecting with a song they can can look at you and understand the emotion that way.”

Taking this mindset into consideration, it makes sense that Sahara’s show has been described as ‘theatrical’ and ‘a bit cabaret’. The only other element that Sahara hopes to add to her shows in the future is the ability “decorate the stage” in line with the themes of the songs – “That will be the next step, when I have enough money,” she said coyly.

Before even getting to this point where she has the ability to tour these new songs, Sahara had to battle an unfortunate set of circumstances which rattled her confidence. “We recorded my last EP Bloom at Applewood Studios and they closed the week after we finished there. Then we went to Byron and that closed the day after we finished there, so I begun to think ‘oh god I hope we’re not cursing these studios!’.”

Having now overcome this, excitement levels are extremely high for what is set to be her first ever headline tour. As an independent artist this is a huge milestone, Sahara was very thankful for the help she has received from her managers along the way. “It’s been really great having all my managers looking after the business side of things because I’m not great at that,” she said. “I think it’s important to have people who you can trust and who can help you with that side while you cover the creative side.”

May 19. Newtown Social Club, 387 King St, Newtown. $12+b.f. Tickets & info:

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