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Review: Oh My God I’ve Been Kidnapped and I Hate What I’m Wearing

The ludicrous and lengthy title of this theatrical production conveys an accurate indication as to what audiences can expect – an absurdly outrageous and fun-packed show pervading in silliness.

This musical theatre parody is set in 1965 and follows Sugar (Kate Smith), a fashion-conscious would-be-glamorous-showgirl, who shoots her two-timing boyfriend Buster (Drew Fairly) dead in front of a live audience and escapes to Dubbo. Following a car accident she is kidnapped by Dingo Boy (also Drew Fairly), an extremely ugly gentleman who’s a scholar with a heart of gold and living in a well, whom she falls madly in love with!

This delightfully bizarre, all singing and all dancing musical (skilfully penned by Drew Fairly), contains an array of original songs and is overdosed with cheesy puns and over-acting which are the principle elements to the show’s success.

It’s apparent after watching this fast-paced and fast-talking burlesque-style show that Smith and Fairly have worked together previously, as they share an adorable chemistry nourished through time which complements one another’s performances.

Nothing is sacred in this production, which seemingly mocks thriller films and the glamourous fashions of the 60’s. Amongst all this madness, resonate themes of self-respect, true love, the ideology that what lies deep in someone’s heart is paramount to deceiving appearances and most importantly that ladies should always be dressed in their most glamorous outfits!

This flamboyant style of theatre which encourages audience interaction has been shunned over the years, and it returns to enchant a new generation of theatre-goers. (MMo)


Until May 28. Old 505 Theatre, 5 Eliza Street, Newtown. $25-$35. Tickets & info:

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