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As We Forgive

Forgiveness is a tricky subject and always a perfect catalyst for discussion. As We Forgive by Tom Holloway focuses on three individual stories revolving around the theme of forgiveness. Revered Australian actor Robert Jarman explains it as three different men with deeply personal stories. He performs all three monologues accompanied by a lone cellist in this original production.

“Each man has been deeply affected by an event, or a set of circumstances, and each of the men has to make a choice – to forgive or not to forgive,” said Jarman.

“But it isn’t that simple. There are grey areas. Sometimes forgiveness may be ‘right’ but it isn’t necessarily satisfying, it doesn’t automatically lead to ‘closure’. Sometimes ‘forgive and forget’ is not a workable answer. So the play combines good stories and storytelling with complex moral questions.”

The first of the three is an elderly man who has been the victim of a brutal robbery, the second was abused when he was younger and the third shares a terrible story questioning the purpose of forgiveness.

Jarman has nothing but praise for Holloway’s written work, saying: “All three of the monologues are quality, and the Second Man exceptionally so.”

“The very first time I read it, sitting with friends around the kitchen table, my first comment after the reading was that with the Second Man, my main job as an actor would be to ‘not get in the way of the writing!’ It really is a superb piece of dramatic writing.”

This is a perfect opportunity to watch one of Australia’s best acting talents in his zone. (AMal)

May 13–21, Mon-Fri 7pm, Sat 2pm & 7pm. SBW Stables Theatre, 10 Nimrod Street, Kings Cross. $20-$43. Tickets & info:




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