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7 Days in the Life of Simon Labrosse

Photo: Emma Lois

Imagine you were unemployed and hopeless at finding a job, so you had to create jobs for yourself? This is the plotline for 7 Days in the Life of Simon Labrosse, written by award-winning Canadian playwright Carole Fréchette who is also known for Helen’s Necklace, John and Beatrice and The Four Lives of Marie. 

Basically the play follows Simon Labrosse and his friends Leo the poet and Nathalie, who cares a little bit too much about Labrosse’s personal development. Over the course of seven days you see Labrosse create elaborate jobs for himself such as emotional stuntman, ego flatterer, easer of consciences and ender of sentences.

He creates these jobs to fill the void in his life, and because of the rising costs of living he needs to earn money or risk living on the streets. He uses these imaginative jobs as services to the community. However, things aren’t as easy as Labrosse estimates and his situation gets interesting.

Starring Gerry Sont, Steve McGrath and Cassady Maddox, this is the first time 7 Days has hit Australian shores. This is a creative piece of work that has been nominated for a number of awards. If you’re in a need of a refreshing piece of performance then this play is your best bet. (AMal)

May 18–29; Tues-Sat 7pm, Sun 5pm. Creative Space 99-Backstage, 99 Crown Street, Darlinghurst (access via Crown Lane). $25-$30. Tickets & info: or 0432 714 809



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