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Wide Open Sky

Wide Open Sky is a documentary film about Moorambilla Voices, a project which brings song to people living in remote areas of New South Wales.

This is a land of soaring eagles, dirt tracks and towns of tin sheds with emus watching from every corner. It is a harsh environment with no room for music in its barren red dust.

Michelle Leonard’s mission is to create a choir from the children of these places. It is an aspiration which confuses, yet inspires them. Many have never heard classical compositions and the scenario challenges them to investigate new horizons.

Four youngsters are the stars of this film. Mack, the boy who dances on rooftops; Kyh, the shrimp footy player with big dreams; and the girls, Opal and Taylah, the guitar playing star from Bre.

This is a magical exploration of how creativity can raise hope and opportunity in the most unlikely places. (LR)