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Kinetic Energy presents HOME

'Nicky' (a teenager on heroine) gets into 'Shakespeare' (a street poet) for stealing her bag. PHOTO: Corrie Ancone

Kinetic Energy Theatre Company is committed to exploring issues of social justice. So it is fitting that their latest offering, HOME, investigates urban homelessness.

Based in Sydney, the play offers insights into one of the most pressing problems facing contemporary society. It focuses on a Kings Cross soup kitchen and the people who visit it. They suffer from various complaints, come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and are of different ages, yet all are suffering from a lack of shelter and security.

This is an artistic journey into a world which sits next door to the million dollar mansions of our great city. It is a challenge to those who walk by the beggars on our streets and the poor sitting on our corners. The actors are showing the other side of the Emerald city and it is sad, touching and inspiring.

This is a show that highlights the complacency of the everyday, one that seeks to explain and empathise with those who live on the fringe without the comforts of regular employment, housing or income.

Kinetic Energy are known for their innovative approach to live performance and this production is no exception. It incorporates volunteer audience members, music, spoken word poetry, Shakespeare and bush balladeers to make its point.

The ensemble are pioneers of mixing the cultural and political and HOME is sure to be another success in their long history of provocative, thoughtful and imaginative renderings of narratives that resonate. (LR)

Apr 22, 23 (8pm) + 24 (6.30pm). St Lukes Hall, 11 Stanmore Road, Enmore. $20-$25. Tickets & info:

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