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Trees to finally be trimmed in Balmain


Leichhardt Council have taken more than a decade to finally listen to their community after regards to “overgrown,” trees around Mort Bay Park.

Leichhardt Council at the last council policy meeting resolved to trim trees throughout Mort Bay Park to restore previous view lines in their revised management plan of the park.

Independent Councillor, John Stamolis, said he applauded the council for ultimately listening to the community.

Clr Stamolis told City Hub that the obstruction of  these “exceptional,” view lines had been an issue for around 15 years

“There is an expectation on harbourside parks that exceptional view lines are very important to the wider community and to anyone who visited and used our parks.”

“One resident presented a photo where there is a seat on Bay Street, so you can sit there in the afternoon and enjoy beautiful harbourside views of the city and the harbour bridge, but now our tree has wiped out that view,” he said.

Clr Stamolis said that he had first proposed a plan to trim these trees to council in 2010, but failed to garner votes in the chamber.

Leichhardt Council held a community consultation surrounding the park in December last year that led to this new decision. The Council Report indicated that the previous management plan that was adopted in 2004 was unclear in its direction to council.

The report also said that the previous plan was not in keeping with council’s landscaping scheme that led to views being marginalised and some lost completely.

Council have recommended to remove trees along the edges of the park, but have committed to not remove trees from the central parkland.

Council has more plans for the park including more shelters, toilets and removal of thick vegetation also planned.

Council has estimated that all of its revisions to the park will cost around $117,000.

Mayor Darcy Byrne dud not return a call to the City Hub.


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