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Back in 2011 Donald Trump made his first visit to Australia in over thirty years to speak at the National Achievers Conference. It was a lightning stopover that attracted general media interest, but nothing to ignite the tabloids. Should the improbable actually happen and he become President in 2017, we might expect a more newsworthy visit.

Maybe the scenario would recall the infamous 1966 tour by Lyndon Johnson, when thousands of anti-Vietnam war protestors turned out to express their anger and the NSW premier Bob Askin instructed his driver to “ride over the bastards”. It’s hard not to think that a Trump presidential visit would bring thousands of demonstrators to the streets of Sydney given a recent ABC Lateline Poll where over 70 percent of 10,000 respondents indicated he should be banned from entering Australia altogether.

Whilst Trump has his many Australian detractors, he also has a growing band of supporters. That is if you believe a recent report on headed: “Donald Trump’s popularity is spreading to Australia, and his supporters are all around us”.

The article goes on to say: “Not quite confident enough to campaign on the streets, closet Trump fans are converging on social media to throw their support across the equator and behind the man they believe can “make America great again”.”

The same kind of covert support probably exists locally in some tiny way, for the KKK, Aryan Nations and the Westboro Baptist Church. Nevertheless we are the 51st State of the USA, our dollar dictated to by the vagaries of the US currency and our foreign policy a carbon of the US Military’s, so it’s little wonder we become so emotionally involved in the US election. If there are supposedly thousands of Trump supporters in this country, please come out of the closet and make your presence felt, so at least we know where you stand on banning Muslims, rebuilding the Berlin Wall on the Mexican border and making crude comments about women.

Miranda Devine wrote a somewhat hysterical rant in last week’s Daily Telegraph in which she paralleled the “nauseating political correctness of the Oscars” with the increasing popularity of Donald Trump, noting “You don’t have to agree with Trump to enjoy his victory against the politically correct elites”. Unfortunately with Donald Trump, the lines have become completely blurred – between his own blustering political incorrectness and just plain unadulterated bullsh*t. God knows what a full-on slanging match between Donald and Hillary Clinton holds in store.

In the meantime, for the man who still claims Barrack Obama does not have a US birth certificate, here’s another bit of speculation to ponder. Trump was born in Queens in 1947 but his family often holidayed in Nevada during the late 40s. Family Snapshots indicate they were on vacation there at the exact time of the famous Roswell incident in 1948, in which evidence of alien lifeform was allegedly discovered and covered up by the US Government. It’s by no means unreasonable to suggest that a part of that alien life form, minute at the time, found its way into the Trump motorhome and attached itself to the baby Donald’s head, permanently impregnating his brain.

It stayed there unnoticed, almost dormant for fifty years but eventually began taking control and burrowing through his scalp to breathe. Hence the massive comb over, a convenient means of concealing a bizarre ‘alter ego’ than now dictates every bit of convoluted rubbish that flows from his lips. Yes folks, and the World Weekly News will back us up – Donald Trump is in fact part alien, the precursor of an invasion of politically incorrect aliens from the distant planet Miranda. For the sake of humanity, don’t let that man out of the USA!

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