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Mia Dyson – Right Here Tour

Mia Dyson

Mia Dyson. Photo by Kessia Embry.

Her shows have been described as captivating. Her songs keep you wanting more, and it just so happens that she is currently here in Australia on her Right Here tour, giving you the opportunity to experience both.

Mia Dyson, known for her Aria Award-winning Australian Blues artistry, is showcasing her newest creation Right Here, an EP consisting of five songs collaborated with her poet husband, Joe Pisapia.

It is the first release off the back of her successful 2014 album, Idyllwild, and she is feeling absolutely happy with it. In fact, Dyson told us she is really excited to play some new songs with her Australian band after the positive feedback she received from audiences in the US.

“Playing with my Australian band, who has always got a different take on [the music] than my American band, should be really interesting. I never know until we hit the ground, how it’s going to go… [but] they always do a brilliant job,” said Mia.

This EP is the first collaboration with her husband, which started six months before recording, when she turned one of his poems into a song. She described the process as a coming together of both of their talents and a completely new and illogical way to communicate and connect.

“It is not about the journey making sense, it is about the feeling and conveying of emotion. It’s been really special for us,” said Dyson. “It’s a very vulnerable thing to do [but] a couple is best suited to be vulnerable [together].”

Tearing Up The Lawn is the single off her EP, bringing you Dyson’s signature sultry sound paired with catchy, upbeat riffs that keep your toes tapping. As expected from a blues musician, you can still hear the heartfelt sadness through her lyrics.

These qualities will be all throughout her live shows, which she described as “…an emotional experience where people can be moved and have their hearts touched.”

“But,” she added, “It’s also loud and rock n roll.” (JC)

Mar 10, doors 7pm. Newtown Social Club, 387 King Street, Newtown. $25-$30. Tickets & info:



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