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Greens calls for tougher measures to end puppy farming

The Greens say more needs to be done to stop cruel puppy farms. Source: Knobiobiwan


Puppy buyers will have the ability to trace an animal back to the original breeder as well as update the details of their dog online, as part of the new Companion Animal Breeding Standards released by the government last week.

Pure bred breeders association, Dogs NSW welcomed the move and said that its members already adhered to the new standards.

They said that the move to microchip all puppies would “stamp out puppy factories.”

But last week Mehreen Faruqi launched her own bill in parliament, which she said would make bigger step to ending puppy farming.

In her bill, breeders would be registered and would be inspected annually.

She said that the government’s move was in reality doing nothing, and that the community was “disappointed” with inaction.

“The reality is that the Baird government has made a decision to do virtually nothing to stop the cruelty and put an end to intensive breeding.

“A breeders licensing scheme is the major recommendation of two inquiries now. We need a legislated scheme that ensures that anyone who breeds and sells animals for profit is inspected, regulated and accredited make sure they have met high animal welfare standards. Importantly, this needs to be done on an annual basis to ensure that standards are being maintained.

But Dogs NSW said that backyard breeding practices were already effectively policed. “The RSPCA , AWL and councils already have the power to take action,” a spokesperson said.

They said the new standards would accurately alert buyers to puppy farms.

“Dogs NSW believes the new measures to ensure all puppies are microchipped will greatly assist in making the source of puppies identifiable.”

As part of the government’s standards, the Companion Animal Register will be upgraded with a new interface that will allow the general public to update details of their dogs.

“Dogs NSW welcomes the increased emphasis the Minister has indicated will be applied to ensuring compliance with existing regulations and standards and looks forward to working with the Government in ensuring the health and welfare of all puppies bred and sold in NSW,” Dogs NSW said.

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