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The moral fibres of warfare are astutely examined in this high-paced British thriller, which will captivate and ultimately divide audiences as the controversial subject matter transpires.

Colonel Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren) heads a drone mission to capture a most-wanted group of terrorists living in a safe house in Nairobi, Kenya, but when an imminent suicide attack is uncovered, the objective immediately alters to eliminate the terrorists.

A young girl enters the kill zone and the strike is suspended as a political battle ensures. Should the mission be abandoned to save this girl’s life, or proceed as these suicide bombers have the potential to kill crowds of innocent bystanders?

Mirren showcases her versatility as an actress in a role which may have been written especially for her, radiating the mandatory assertiveness and military persona, as her character’s emotional involvement is overshadowed by her adherence to the secret mission.

As this suspenseful and affecting film unfolds audiences will witness the regrettable decisions which must be made, showcasing that in warfare there are no happy endings. (MMo)





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