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Babies Proms: Music for Tutus

For over three decades, Babies Proms has been giving young children (aged between two and five) an exciting insight into the world of music and dance by introducing them to inspiring live performances and orchestral music in an extremely kid-friendly atmosphere.

The Music for Tutus edition introduces children to orchestral instruments through Tchaikovsky’s enchanting ballet classics – Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker – with two beautiful ballet dancers performing and an opportunity for the audience to meet the musicians at the end.

As part of the Sydney Opera House’s ‘Children, Families and Creative Learning Program’, this annual program is designed to make music fun, accessible and a magical experience for the little ones while giving them an exciting first visit to the Sydney Opera House at the same time.

Head of the program, Bridgette Van Leuven explained: “Families can hear the enchanting music of Tchaikovsky’s ballets, observe the beauty of the classical ballet art form, and most importantly participate and respond creatively. We encourage all young people to bring their ballet shoes, tights and tutus, to warm up with the performers and better understand these wonderful stories.”

An access-friendly performance of the show will also take place on Friday March 18. (ASha)

March 9–20. Studio, Sydney Opera House. $25-$30. Tickets & info: or 9250 7777 



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