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Space Cats: an Intergalactic Feline Musical

Space Cats

After slaying their one night debut in winter last year, Sydney’s most daring independent musical theatre company brings back the sassiest, glitteriest musical of all time. Brevity Theatre’s Space Cats: an Intergalactic Feline Musical makes a full-season return at Newtown’s Old 505 theatre just in time for Mardi Gras.

We caught up with Samantha Young, Space Cats’ writer, director, performer, costume maker and all around queen of all that purrs and sparkles in the lead up to opening night.

“I’ve just spent 25 hours making a massive crown, and I think we purchased something like 500 disco balls yesterday,” she casually mentioned.

Space Cats follows lonely canine Laika (Graeme McRae) on a journey deep into the galaxy where he crash lands on a planet populated with all-signing, all-dancing fabulous but elitist cats who have trouble accepting the smelly and the strange.

“Cats are very much in the zeitgeist right now…but actually the idea for Space Cats started four years ago when I was doing another cabaret called Love Birds…and in order to annoy the director, because I was one of the performers, we started to plan an alternative musical that would be the exact opposite…and I just never got over the joke…”

With NIDA degrees in acting and directing up her sleeve, Young has created a show that not only looks fabulous but has a strong narrative embellished with great songs and playful improvised comedy.

With only two original cast members including Samantha herself, new songs, a new choreographer and a glorious new set design thanks to a bigger budget, this is looking like a purrfect production that captures the spirit of the Mardi Gras.

“There is a homosexual storyline, and that’s become a real focus of the piece [since coming under the Mardi Gras banner], but I want to take a step back from that and say that each other character is dealing with their own diversity issue. What we’re fighting for as a whole piece is freedom of sexuality, whatever your sexuality is.”

“I would love [for audiences to leave the show] feeling really naughty, like they can go and break some rules and love each other and buy a stranger a drink in a bar.” (AM)

March 1–12, 8pm Tues-Sat. The Old 505 Theatre, 5 Eliza Street, Newtown. $25-$35. Tickets & info:

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