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Nic Nyx – Black White Drips & Trips

In the creative industry it’s all about “thinking outside the box”, or so we’ve been told anyway. Local artist Nic Nyx may just be pushing innovative boundaries by staying inside it at her current exhibition, Black White Drips & Trips, for 36 hours.

Beginning Friday February 19 at midday and ending Saturday at midnight, Nyx will be contained to a small box and commence live painting with no colours other than black and white.

For Nyx, her elongated period inside the box is more about a challenge than anything else, an experiment to see what she can achieve without the aid of technology.

“I really like challenges and that was the biggest one. When I create I’ve got a lot of external stimulation, I’ve got a documentary playing on my computer, I’m always fiddling on my phone and seeing if I’ve got any reference images and stuff like that. I wanted to see what I could create if I took all that away.”

Nyx’s work has a sinister tinge to it, which is something that she credits to her unconscious self as she recovers from a creative days work.

“My work is really dark and creepy, most of that is because I get really bad nightmares.”

Modest by nature, Nyx’s strengths lay within her character and her willingness to push herself, and the results are an art form in themselves.

“In this exhibition I’ve got descriptions of all the work, why I did them and stuff, and they’re really honest. I just wanted to do it with no bullsh*t, I wanted to give the real reasons why I created them.” (AH)

Feb 18-22. M2 gallery, 4/450 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills. Free (bring your smartphone and a pair of headphones for the audio guide). Info:



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