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Cat on cliff swung to safety

Police quick on scene to rescue “Titian” the catPolice used a device with a loop to "lasoo"


“They were so quick” said the owner of Titian the cat, referring to the Police who rescued him from a sheer cliff face in inner-city Pyrmont on Wednesday morning.

Titian, who is two years old, was going for his morning run with owner Charles when curiosity led him to become stuck on some escarpment on Pirrama Road in Pyrmont.

“The cat goes for a run every morning, and this run turned into a disaster,” Jean Stuart said.

“My son didn’t see how he got half way down the cliff, but he couldn’t come up or down,” Jean Stewart said.

Ms Stuart said she wanted to thank the police who responded very quickly to Charles’ call for help.

“It is quite a steep cliff.”

The police had a special wand which had a loop on the end, and they were able to lasso Titian onto it, and pull him onto the road above.

She said that Titian seemed to be in good spirits after being saved.

“He was very happy to be saved, and he is none the worse for it now. “

“He is normally an indoor cat.”

“My son Charles would like to thank them for their prompt attention. It is so nice when the police are so kind and so helpful,” she said.

Source: supplied.The owner said "Titian" could neither go up nor down


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