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Luca Brasi – Aeroplane

Ahead of the release of their much anticipated album coming soon this year, Tassie punk rockers Luca Brasi have just put out a new single to give fans a little taste of what is to come.

Initially this track starts out much like any other pop-punk single, but quickly sinks its emotional hooks into you thanks to the superb lyricism from front man Tyler Richardson. Barely half way through the first listen you will be singing along to the emotive chorus while stamping away to the drum and guitar melodies.

Lyrically the track is actually rather uplifting by exploring how we all must grow as people to be able to cope with challenges and difficult times, everyone has had moments where they feel “the weight of the world has forsaken me” because “we were never given tools to deal with this much pain” and shows that we can all get through them.

This is a really nice teaser for the upcoming album which is shaping up to offer something for punk rock fans while also still being accessible for mainstream audiences. (JA)