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Ewan Mackenzie and Swing Dynamique – self-titled

ewan mackenzie_swing dynamique

The familiar jazz melody makes the listener nostalgic for a time they haven’t lived. Evoking false memories of parties driven by music which seems to have a life of its own, weaving a story with plenty of ups, downs and nuances to last the evening.

Mostly instrumental, the listener can focus on the differences in tone and more fully disappear into a long lost past, a night filled with elaborate glittery dresses, a fog of smoke and not even a thought of television.

Back on this side of reality, with only a few notes, the listener can always return to the sewn-together creation, to the moment it turns to intrigue and becomes sinister, continuing off into the possibilities of the night.

Blissfully ignorant of the current year, grab an immortal partner and dance off into the life of the music. (SP)


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