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Redfern first to receive bike sheds in new year


Sydney cyclists can expect better treatment in 2016, with the introduction of bike storage sheds at selected train stations.

The bike sheds, which can be opened with an opal card, is aimed at encouraging more people to commute by bike as part of their journey to work.

Redfern station will be one of the first stations to be equipped with the new sheds, fitting up to 50 bicycles.

Greens MP for Newtown, said the government’s initative said it was “a win” for inner city cyclists.

The sheds are part of a NSW Government active transport initiative, which aims to have bike sheds at 40 stations and transport interchanges in Sydney and across the state.

“This is a fantastic initiative for people who ride to Redfern station every day, giving them free, secure bike storage.

“It’s recognition that bike riders are entitled to facilities like this as they are actively promoting healthy and sustainable commuter options and easing congestion on the roads.

She said that Redfern Station was chosen to be one of the first candidates for a bike shed early in the New Year because of the number of cyclists commuting through this location.

“As we make it easier for people to ride around our city, more people are doing it. We need to ensure that as the number of people who ride continues to rise, the facilities available for them are expanded.

“The Greens have long campaigned to make active, public transport an attractive option and the availability of these new bike sheds will make it much easier for bike riders to complete their commute using public transport,” she said in a statement.

The facilities are being delivered as part of the Bike and Ride initiative, which is identified in Sydney’s Cycling Future, Transport for NSW’s plan to make bicycle riding a feasible transport option.

President of Bicycle NSW welcomed the move. He told City Hub that bicycle theft was an issue for cyclists, and he hoped these sheds would address that.

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