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Boomalli’s Annual Members Show 2015

PHOTO: Sharon Hickey

The art world appreciates, admires and applauds the works created by Australian Aboriginal artists. Unique and awe-inspiring, these works have lent a certain depth to the art community. Following in this tradition of exceptional art is this year’s Annual Members Show by Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative, featuring the diverse works of Boomalli’s members.

Including the diverse works of 25 Artists: Jai Walker, Arone Meeks, Stella O’Halloran, Thelma Bartman, Kim Healey, Euphemia Bostock, Graham Toomey, Cassandra Jones, Greg Weatherby, Joe Hurst, Jeffrey Samuels, Gordon Syron, Danny Eastwood, Tracey L. Bostock, Jessica Birk, Charmaine Davis, Danielle Gorogo, Shirley Amos, Valerie West, Bronwyn Bancroft, Aroha Groves, Sharon Smith, Jamie Eastwood and Nicole Renee Phillips.

Also on show are two solo exhibitions in the front galleries featuring artists Jenny Fraser and Val West.
Titled ‘name that beach movie II‘, Jenny Fraser’s work is a video study dissecting mainstream movies. “Most films reflect societies ideology, and beach movies subconsciously say a lot about culture wars, often mirroring issues of belonging, identity, ownership, entitlement and consequent conflict,” explained Fraser.

Val West’s work is deeply rooted in “the representation of my connections to the Dreaming” and interwoven are “concepts of connection and reconnection with country, land, family, friends, community and beliefs in love, peace & harmony”.

This multi-media exhibition explores a wide range of topics and issues through 64 paintings, photography, sculptures, digital artworks, mono prints and a video animation. Running until early February, be prepared to be enchanted! (JR)

Until early Feb. Boomalli, 55-59 Flood Street, Leichhardt. Info:

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