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Flickerfest 2016 Launch | Bronwyn Kidd

This annual cinematic event celebrates a 25 year milestone, having screened and promoted some of the world’s best shorts to enthusiastic audiences on the big screen, also inspiring creativity and opening influential doors to film-makers worldwide.

Screening on iconic Bondi Beach, this festival’s popularity grows each year amongst festival enthusiasts and film makers alike, highlighted by the 2,300 submissions made this year.

Festival director Bronwyn Kidd who has steered this festival for 19 years says the quality of short films has strengthened over the years. “There’s so much interest in short filmmaking because it’s such an accessible way for people to express themselves and tell stories which are personally important to them,” explained Kidd. “This is such a prestigious short film festival because we’ve maintained our vision to screen the best short films – that’s what the festival is all about.”

There have been 150 short films selected by a judging panel for screening in competitive and non-competitive categories, making this ideal for audiences who enjoy intelligent and entertaining independent cinema.


HOPE CITY (15 mins) – A teenager from South Sudan is haunted by his past, torn by his new life and desperate to return home and locate his mother.

NULLA NULLA (6 mins) – A white cop fresh out of the academy experiences Aboriginal community life, and is put to the test by an indigenous cop.

PALE BLUE EYES (10 mins) – A quiet and lazed atmosphere in a roadside diner is about to change, as a mysterious figure approaches.

ARI (10 mins) – Ari, an overweight and reclusive schoolboy, is desperate to belong and attempts to lose weight and become more approachable. In transforming, he realises he has many valuable qualities.

HARVEY’S DREAM (10 mins) – A man recounts details of his nightmare to his wife who becomes fearful when elements from his nightmare surface. (MMo)

Jan 8–17. Bondi Pavilion, opp Beach Rd, Bondi Beach. Single sessions $20.10 (multi session passes available). Tickets & info:



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