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Review: Danny Bhoy – ‘Please Untick This Box’ Tour

Danny Bhoy

Danny Bhoy. Photo via

Scottish-Indian comedian Danny Bhoy’s new show ‘Please Untick This Box’ presents him at his best: funny, quirky, and unpredictable.

Considered as one of the top billers in his field, Danny is currently in the midst of his 2015/16 Australia & New Zealand tour.

In a sea of stand-up comedians, there is something fundamentally unique about Danny: his penchant for straying completely off-topic and then suddenly realising he has ventured off and coming back to his original joke, is what makes his shows unique. Or perhaps it is the fact that he has caught the essence of Australian & Scottish lifestyle that sets him apart. It is not easy to pin-point what is that makes this comic genius tick every time, but whatever it is, it sure keeps the audiences rolling in the aisles.

Danny’s humour is mostly observational, involving his own personal experiences, which helps him connect with the audiences. At his packed show at the elegant State Theatre in Sydney, at one point he literally had to stop for someone to finish going crazy with laughter. His gags have over time become refined, and he seems to have developed his own genre of comedy.

From joking about Australian politics and the Sydney noodle markets, to poking fun at an international Blues singer and American politics, Danny’s performances are not to be missed.

His show guarantees a fun-filled evening with great laughs, and in the world ruled by Eddie Murphys and Chris Rocks, Danny Bhoy has set his own mark. (JR)

Danny Bhoy returns to Australia next year. See tour dates at:



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