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Food News – Hereford Red Beef

Nutritionist and cattle farmer, James Bjorksten, is producing some of the best grass-fed beef I’ve eaten under the name of Hereford Red Beef. The cream coloured fat is simply magnificent, leading to a super-tasty steak that literally melts in your mouth. I discovered this producer on a recent trip through Orange and kicked myself for not loading up on more. Cue: second trip to Orange for more. It’s ethically raised by third generation cattle farmers, and seasonally produced – meaning they’re not reliant upon grain to ‘finish’ their cattle. James’ top tip for avoiding grain-finished beef is to look for yellowy-cream fat – pure white fat points to grain feeding. If you don’t fancy a drive to A Slice Of Orange to buy Hereford Red Beef, it has recently been put on the menu at Redfern’s Woolpack Hotel. Owner James Henty tells me they’ve just launched their first new menu in three years: “Our seven years trading in Redfern has seen the food culture mature. There is still a market for the $12 Schnitzel night, alongside premium steak. There are plenty of dedicated carnivores in the inner city, and they seriously love it.” They found Hereford Red Beef through the Instagram account of Union Bank Wine Bar in Orange (which is owned and managed by a previous Woolpack staff member). It’s currently on the menu as a Premium Scotch Fillet ($29) or a Rump Steak ($22), which James tells me “is great eating”.

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