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Barangaroo to charge for NYE


City of Sydney Greens Councillor Irene Doutney has publicly slammed the State Government for proposing to charge families $79 to view New Year’s Eve fireworks in Barangaroo Reserve.

Councillor Doutney told City Hub that the government had “reneged” on their promise to return the reserve to public hands, as charging the public for entry would restrict access to those who could afford it.

Ten thousand tickets will be available to the public, at a cost of $29.50 for adults, $14.50 for children, and $79 for a family pass.

Councillor Doutney said there was a pattern of privatisation of public land in the area, reflected in the Millers Point sell-off, the casino, and now the parkland.

“This is yet another money grab at the expense of the public. The City of Sydney puts on the New Year’s Eve fireworks which already draws crowds from across the globe. There is enough money to be made without charging the public to access their own lands,” Clr Doutney said

“The Barangaroo Delivery Authority wants to charge nearly $30 for an adult ticket, and this doesn’t even guarantee a view. It’s a first-come first-serve basis, so a family is looking at almost $80, perhaps just to look up at the sky.”

“The Barangaroo Packer casino will encroach onto public lands, and overshadow our iconic Harbour views. Now the Government is setting up the Barangaroo Reserve for ticketed events. It is a complete abuse of public property,” Clr Doutney said.

A spokesperson for the Barangaroo Delivery Authority said that the event was ticketed and limited to 10,000 people to ensure the comfort and safety of guests while minimising disturbance to neighbours.

“Paid ticketing is necessary as the New Year’s Eve event at Barangaroo Reserve is expensive to run, taking into account the cost of security, amenities and cleaning of the park in time to reopen it on New Year’s Day for the public to enjoy.”

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