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A Girl With Sun In Her Eyes

A Girl with Sun in Her Eyes offers insight from the rare perspective of a woman who chases down violence, and the psychological repercussions of being faced with it every day.

Lucy, an undercover cop, poses as a prostitute in an attempt to get a very terrible male off the streets. She feels responsible for all of womankind to find these guys; her own life is put in danger because of that.

“It’s exciting and refreshing to play Lucy, such a strong female protagonist,” said lead actress, Kate Williams. “I feel the same sort of pressure that Lucy has to do justice to women who’ve been hurt by awful men. It’s a mountain to tackle. She’s blinded by this need and want to make men pay.”

“The best thing about A Girl with the Sun in her Eyes is the darkness. You don’t often see something so gritty and physical on stage. It’s a down to earth and cut-throat look at an ugly side of the police force, The States and violence against women,” added Williams. “You’ll walk out of feeling like you need a drink or a shower. What makes it interesting is you’re seeing something live on stage that you would normally see on the screen, shielded by your couch and your popcorn. It’s absolutely violent.”

This play leaves you wondering how far you would go to protect what you have and love; and how much of yourself would you give up in order to fight for a cause you believe in.

A Girl with Sun in Her Eyes is a chance to get a little peek into a world you may not know anything about. There’s a darker side to all police forces. It gives insight into the emotions that police officers feel. (MS)

Oct 27–Nov 14 (Tues-Sat 9pm, Sun 6:30pm). Old Fitzroy Theatre, 129 Dowling Street (Corner Cathedral Street), Woolloomooloo. $25-$28. Tickets & info:




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