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The Beards

Think about all the men in your life, and chances are one of them has a beard. Nowadays beards have become the trendy thing to have, but that has not always been the case. In those “dark days” when beards were frowned upon by society, a group of mates with a common love for beards set out to change societies attitude by forming a band.

Originally coming together for what they thought would be a one-off show, The Beards are still going strong ten years later, having toured all around Australia and the world.

“In 2005 it was a dark time for people with beards, it was a time of low level oppression where you had to explain yourself for having a beard. So we wanted to start a grassroots beard movement and when we realised it wasn’t just us that felt extremely passionately about beards, that’s what led to us continuing to do it,” explained Nathaniel Beard.

To mark the occasion, the boys from Adelaide have released a brand new single and a special anniversary edition double album featuring a compilation of their favourite tracks along with a live album recorded in Sydney earlier this year. “We wanted to write a song that captured the anniversary spirit that we’re experiencing at the moment, it’s like the definitive beard anthem,” said Nathaniel when asked about the new single Ten Long Years, One Long Beard.

Whilst reflecting on the album as a whole, Nathaniel said: “It was great to look back and decide which songs we wanted to put forward. We had an opportunity to put tracks out there that we hadn’t before, some alternative versions and other rarities like that to go alongside the obvious crowd favourites.”

As part of the celebrations, The Beards are also embarking on a month long tour around the country with two stops in Sydney over the coming weeks. “We can’t wait to get back on the road and in front of audiences. For this tour we’ve been working on including some stuff that they [fans] may not have seen before as well as all the stuff that they’ve come to know and love,” said Nathaniel.

Even though beards are experiencing somewhat of a resurgence, The Beards stress that “now is no time to be complacent, there are always people out there that would make you shave if they could.”

Oct 23, Bondi Beach Road Hotel, 71 Beach Rd, Bondi

Oct 25, Rocks Brewery, 160 Bourke Rd, Alexandria