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The Bach Eatery

After hearing whispers about The Bach Eatery, I thought I’d pop down one Sunday evening, and see for myself what the hype surrounding ‘New Zealand cuisine’ was all about. The predictably trendy interior was actually very welcoming, and sitting at a high table to the side of the restaurant gave an almost ‘diner style’ vibe, something right up my alley. Friendly staff and a local Gen X crowd made the trendiness more palatable. I’m in a Kiwi joint, so, as safe a bet as I assumed the 2013 Earth’s End Central Otago Pinot Noir ($13.50/glass) would be, the less thematic Chocolate Box Barossa GSM ($11/glass) proved a slightly better choice of poison. Thirlmere Chicken Liver Pate ($19) wasn’t the best I’ve had, but Pappardelle with Wild Mushroom Ragout ($22) redeemed it, if only for the slow cooked egg hiding below the mountain of welcomed Parmesan. Broccoli & Almond Butter ($8) was literally just steamed broccoli with shaved almonds on top, which I could have made at home, after a night on the substances with Robert Downey Jr. The 16 Hour Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder ($22) was pretty decent, even if the carrot puree served no additional flavour purpose and reminded me of why restaurants now tend to avoid the ‘puree swipe’, for fear of appearing slightly naff.

The Bach Eatery
399 King Street, Newtown
Ph: (02) 8084 4093
Kiwi $$

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