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STC’s The Wharf Revue

Celebrating 15 years and 21 shows of irreverent political satire, the Sydney Theatre Company is putting on a special birthday edition of The Wharf Revue.

With humble beginnings, the The Wharf Revue initially began on the set of The Recruit in Sydney’s Wharf Theatre as an adaption of Three Men and a Baby Grand––but is now an established cultural bastion of lampooning and exposing the follies behind Australian politics. Offering a mix of new sketches alongside the most beloved highlights of previous productions, this year’s show features all three original creators: Jonathan Biggins, Phillip Scott and Drew Forsythe, with Amanda Bishop rounding off the talented cast.

“We’re getting older, but luckily some of the politicians are getting older with us,” said Drew Forsythe. “[The show]’s evolved over the fifteen years… it’s surprised us that it’s grown to the extent that it has.”

Combining new material alongside their most popular sketches and characters, the show displays an immense demonstration of satiric versatility and has outlasted the last few Prime Ministers, challenging the performers to swiftly adapt their shows to reflect the tumultuous events of Australian politics.

“Young people are becoming more disenchanted with the way the system is run. The adversarial system doesn’t allow for proper discussion and proper debate on policy,” said Drew. “It’s what satire has always done. More than anything, it’s poking fun at hypocrisy, and there’s so much of that involved when people are trying to win power.” (ES)

Until Dec 19. Wharf 1, Sydney Theatre Company, Pier 4/5 Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay. $48-$65. Tickets & info: or (02) 9250 1777

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