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Inside Iraq RAMADI, IRAQ-APRIL 27, 2006: U.S. Marines from the 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, Kilo company scan streets and surrounding buildings for insurgents during a patrol in Ramadi, 115 kilometers (70 miles) west of Baghdad.

Australian journalist Michael Ware was on assignment for seven years in the Middle East, reporting on the American war against terrorism. He followed contingents of soldiers recording the suicide bombings, shootings, executions and other atrocities on a handy-cam.

Ten years on he has edited over 100 hours of raw footage and produced this extraordinary and visually horrifying war documentary which will shock and arrest audiences.

Detailing the origins of terror group Islamic State, this film also touches on the shattered lives of civilians caught in the crossfire and how American soldiers have been desensitized and depersonalized by the extremities of war.

A harrowing experience, audiences are in the thick of the action, with lingering thoughts of futility, as the eradication of each terrorist is only reinstated by another.

This documentary highlights the urgency to eradicate terrorism and resonates that, realistically, ‘only the dead’ will ever see the end of warfare.

Provocative, insightful and seemingly uncensored, this is not a film to be enjoyed, but one which must be seen. (MMo)


Oct 25, 6pm, followed by Q&A with Michael Ware. Palace Verona, 17 Oxford St, Paddington. $19. National release through new cinema-on-demand platform Fan-Force – further details: