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Joseph K.

It is the timeless issues of paranoia, alienation and government surveillance that shape Joseph K. Performed by graduate students of the Actors College of Theatre & Television, Joseph K. is a sharp comedy that explores a man’s psyche after he is accused of a crime he doesn’t remember committing.

“[Joseph is] told by two people, who come into his flat one morning, that he’s been found guilty of a charge and he’s told that he’s under arrest,” said Director, Sean O’Riordan. “The police state begins to affect him, and eventually he comes into some really dire, difficult situations where his life becomes really confused.”

As a re-working of Franz Kafta’s classic The Trial, Joseph K is set in contemporary London and gets increasingly surreal through the explorations of 21st century issues.

“There’s a theme of alienation, [and] isolation from each other,” O’Riordan explained. “It’s dealing with quite contemporary 21st century issues of technology being in control, and us becoming more and more centralised as pieces of data, that the central government and the police state are in charge of.”

O’Riordan hopes that the audience will understand and appreciate the connections they have with one another, as it is humanity that will prevail in an increasingly technological world: “For lovers of comedy, political satire, Kafta and modern strong theatre, it is a treat not to be missed.” (NB)

Oct 25–28. Bondi Pavilion Theatre, Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach. $15-$25. Tickets & info:



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