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Emma Pask – Cosita Divina

Fast singing, mood setting, always in control: Emma Pask. Track one hits the listener with Batucada, immediately building a scene, pushing out other thoughts and filling their shoes with the seeds that grow into dancing beans.

Ready or not, Cosita Divina takes the listener to somewhere in the world where life is all about dancing, Cuba, Spain, sultry nights, quick beats and that voice directing us through it.

Pask has tone, measure, grace and pressure – she is the leader and the listener is willing to follow. Take a trip around the world at any time with this album and come back without having to pay an air fare.

Filled with exotic feels, jumping dance moves, and a soul that recognizes the same in the listener and lets it be free. Cosita Divina is what’s missing from your playlist. (SP)

Star Rating: ***

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