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Danelle Bergstrom – Return

Morning Song II, 2015, oil on linen, 92 x 244 cm

Return, presented by Arthouse Gallery, is the latest collection of oil paintings by acclaimed Australian artist Danelle Bergstrom.

Inspired by her own experiences and memories, Bergstrom paints a series of evocative and highly reflective landscape pieces inspired by the land around her enclave in Hill End.

The dream-like sceneries have a sense of rawness about them, visible through the mixing of the fleeting shades of blue and earthly, grounded browns.

The artworks symbolise a journey of self-reflection and acceptance for the artist: “Although Hill End has a powerful presence imbued with its own history, it is my intensely personal relationship with the area that compels me to paint images inspired by the natural bush surrounds,” explained Bergstrom. “The actual location is relevant only in that it is infused with my memories and the feelings that they evoke, which make it seem to me that nature is capable of personifying and portraying my moods and emotions.” (ASha)

Oct 15 – Nov 7. Arthouse Gallery, 66 McLachlan Avenue, Rushcutters Bay. Info:



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