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Festival of Dreams

Festival of Dreams Sydney

Festival creator Rosie Shalhoub and visiting Native American Elder Saginaw Grant.

Sydney’s upcoming Festival of Dreams is the largest spiritual festival of its kind in Australia. An attendance of 10,000 patrons is anticipated this year by the festival’s Publicity Manager Mieke Buchan.

Buchan is full of enthusiasm when she describes the origins of the festival and what it seeks to represent.

“The whole thing started with an incredible woman called Rosie Shalhoub, where she had this vision a couple of years ago to do this festival,” she explains. “The whole idea is multidenominational, multifaith, multispiritual, multicultural and its all about embracing everyone and everyone’s background.”

This year’s festival will feature a conference by two special Native American guests in the way of Elder Saginaw Grant and Rick Mora, both spiritual pathfinders. The pair were recently in New Zealand and left a powerful impression from reports received by Buchan.

“Elder Saginaw Grant had thousands of people dissolving into tears just because of the way he talks so passionately about his beliefs and what wisdom of his ancient elders can be applied to modern society and life,” said Mieke. “They talk about Native American wisdom and its simplicity of being good to one another, respecting yourself, respecting other people and respecting your planet.”

The diversity of the festival will also be a major drawcard: “There’s going to be spiritual healers, psychics, mediums, a spiritual busker tent with music, chanting and poetry readings and lots of breakout areas. You can spend a whole day there and experience something completely different every ten metres.” (AS)

September 11–13. Hordern Pavilion, 1 Driver Ave, Moore Park. $20-$25. Tickets & info: