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The Grind & Co

Restaurant in an abandoned train? Rave in a semi trailer? How about a café in a shipping container? Sure, why not… add it to the list of weird shit I never thought I’d see. But Christine and Rani Ousman’s new coffee and food bar The Grind & Co – nestled in the parking lot of an industrial thoroughfare – certainly took me by surprise. The amazingly re-imagined shipping container surprisingly provides enough real estate for the outstanding coffee to be prepared, alongside a decent selection of sandwiches and sweet treats. It’s not every day you’re greeted with a freshly cracked coconut adorned with Mars Bars and cookies covered in Smarties with strawberry garnishes, or there’s always the Jack Johnson edition – with more fruit than you could than you could pile on top of Carmen Miranda’s head – something to suit my vegan partner in crime. The top shelf cups of processed, sustainable 100% Arabica beans will no doubt be a welcomed addition to the area, as will the fine selection of edible bits and bites on offer. And with such a tasteful fit out and an impressively small footprint, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these things pop up – perhaps in an area I go to more often (or ever).

The Grind & Co
Heritage Business Park, 5-9 Ricketty Street, Alexandria
Ph: (0416) 509 806
Café $

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