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The Sydney Underground Film Festival is an alternate and innovative film festival screening the most controversial, subversive and experimental films in the world.

In four days over 100 films of different genres will be screened including political/activist, horror and music documentaries–many of which may shock audiences.

An analysis of the programme with strangely titled films such as The Yes Men Are Revolting, We Are Twisted F*cking Sister! and LSD Factory would suggest this festival is intended for university students, but its appeal is more widespread.

“This is the 9th year this festival has screened in Sydney and our patrons are the young and young at heart,” explained festival director Stefan Popescu. “We also have a strong contingent of the older generation – the baby boomers enjoy these films.”

The opening night party includes the screening of Love, a sexually explicit and very controversial French film in 3D, with free beer, wines and pizza.

Popescu suggested his picks of festival: “Reality is a well-crafted surreal film, nailed on every front. It’s like Being John Malkovich on acid. Kung Fu Elliot is the dark horse of the festival–it’s seemingly a mockumentary but actually a confirmed documentary, hilarious, about an amateur martial arts film maker’s ego and self-delusion.”

Keanu Reeves returns to the screen in Knock Knock, the closing night film described as ‘a sick, sexy, twisted & brilliantly trashy sexploitation thrill ride’ which should lure movie-goers.

“Festival enthusiasts feeling adventurous and who want to excite and violate their senses should come along to this festival,” concluded Popescu. (MMo)

September 17–20. Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Road, Marrickville. $16 (single sessions) – $145 (festival pass). Tickets & Info:



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