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Matt Okine – The Other Guy

Photo Credit Zak Kaczmarek

Comedian and Triple J Breakfast co-host Matt Okine launches his fourth national tour, The Other Guy, starting mid-September and ending in November.

According to Okine, the ‘other guy’ in the name of the tour isn’t a person per se, it’s a figurative way of saying ideals and “the fertilizer that always makes the grass look greener.”

His fourth show will be different from the others; it’s a personal one.

“This show is completely different, and super personal. I go deeper on this show than I ever have. I drop a lot of bombs that were super painful to go through at the time, but super funny in hindsight.”

Most importantly, Okine wants the audience to laugh their way to rock hard abs.

“If you want to get your beach bod ready for your next shopping mall catwalk fashion show, then this one’s for you.” (AMal)

Sept 25. Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Road, Newtown. $35.58. Tickets & info:



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