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Maricopa Wells – Places To Land

Maricopa Wells–Places To Land

Places To Land, Maricopa Wells’ debut album, could be described as “just right”.

It’s not too punk, not too rock and roll, and it’s not too much of anything else. It’s the Goldilocks of albums, bringing a bit of this, a bit of that and mixing everything together, the result is not too hard and not too soft for the ear.

The mix comes from years of honing in live shows before committing to CD, gaging energy and melody, working off each other while bridging gaps between genres.

Paying closer attention, the listener hears life experience, sadness and heartbreak and a strong need to express that built-up passion. Maricopa Wells have put their effort and their skill into this album and have created a polished Place To Land. (SP)

Star Rating: ***